Anna Remenyi (1896 - 1975)




circa 1897
Quelle: Friedhofsakten


Vater : Frantisek (Franz) Ruml / Remenyi
Mutter: Johanna Majer


1892 Joseph Remenyi
1893 Maria Remenyi
1896 [Selbst]
1897 Mathilde Remenyi




19??: mit Walther Gohl verheiratet.






Anna starb 1975 in Wien und wurde am 21 Oct. 1975 in Grinzing begraben.

Übersetzung demnächst .... "

Anna was known to us as "Annush".

Walther Gohl worked in a bank in Berlin. When he died, Anna lived alone in Berlin, until she became too frail, and then moved to Vienna, (with ?, near ?) her sister, Thilde.

Bob: I remember visiting her once (the only time I ever met her), in Berlin, in 1965 (?).
I had visited Thilde in Vienna, and she changed my return ticket, and insisted I also visit Annus.
From the train journey through the DDR I remember the long wait before the border to West Berlin, while border guards with guns and dogs patrolled outside the train.

I don't actually remember Annush, and how she looked, just that she lived in the Johannisbergerstrasse in Wilmersdorf, Berlin, not very far from where I am living now (2004) !