Mathilde Remenyi (1897 - 1979)




ca. 1897
Quelle: Friedhofsakten


Vater : Frantisek (Franz) Ruml / Remenyi
Mutter: Johanna Majer


1892 Joseph Remenyi
1893 Maria Remenyi
1896 Anna Remenyi
1897 [Selbst]




19?? mit Viktor Stein geheiratet.






1979: Mathilde starb in Wien und wurde am 6 Dez. 1979 in Grinzing begraben.

Übersetzung demnächst .... "

Mathilde was known to us as "Thilde".

Her son, Gunter Stein, died in World War II (on the front ?; by allied bombings ?). As a result Viktor Stein refused to visit his relatives in Britain after the war. After his death, Thilde came several times to visit.

Liechtensteinstr. The Steins lived in the Liechtensteinstrasse.

In 1965(?) I visited Thilde in Vienna. I think I stayed in a hostel; I would have a roll and a half-litre of milk for breakfast at the local grocers and then visit Thilde in the Liechtensteinstrasse.

In 1973 I did a summer course at the Vienna University and visited her here again.