Anna Remenyi (1896-1975)




about 1896
Source: Cemetery records


Father: Frantisek (Franz) Ruml / Remenyi
Mother: Johanna Majer


1892 Joseph Remenyi
1893 Maria Remenyi
1896 [Self]
1897 Mathilde Remenyi




19?? married to Walther Gohl






Anna died in 1975 in Vienna, Austria, and she was buried in Grinzing on 21 Oct. 1975

Biographical Notes and Snippets…
Anna was known to us as "Annush".

Walther Gohl worked in a bank in Berlin. When he died, Annush lived alone in Berlin, until she became too frail, and then moved to Vienna, (with ?, near ?) her sister, Thilde.

Bob: I remember visiting her once (the only time I ever met her), in Berlin, in 1965 (?).
I had visited Thilde in Vienna, and she changed my return ticket, and insisted I also visit Annush.
From the train journey through the DDR I remember the long wait before the border to West Berlin, while border guards with guns and dogs patrolled outside the train.

I don't actually remember Annush, and how she looked, just that she lived in the Johannisbergerstrasse in Wilmersdorf, Berlin, not very far from where I am living now (2004) !