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Some general information about this website.

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This web-site was originally written as a hypertext book for my family.
To protect peoples' privacy some passages and images, which appeared in the original editions will not be shown here.

Some other passages and images will not be shown here until
outstanding copyright considerations have been resolved.

There is no information about living people on these pages.

See also
Standards For Sharing Information With Others and
Guidelines For Publishing Web Pages On The Internet
from the National Genealogical Society

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Broken Links

Internal links:
This web-site is an on-going project. Some of the internal links will change due to re-working the site.
Many search engines will still have the old links in their databases.

External links:
All links marked with indicate a hyperlink to an external website.
Clicking on these links will open the destination page in a new browser window.

Please inform me, if any of these links are broken.
Thank you !

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The author is not responsible for the contents of web-sites referenced in external links.

At the time of writing these pages, the contents were such that I felt that they provided relevant and useful extra information for the contents of this website.

If the content of an external site has now changed,
please inform me, so that I can remove the link(s).

Thank you !
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Or: The proof of the pudding ....

A big question with family history is "can you prove it ?"

The information presented started with oral history, followed up with with as much "proof" as I could find, i.e. certificates, census returns, and any other confirmatory documentation. Where Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates are available, I have included a thumbnail image next to the information on the biography page.

Much remains speculative: oral history says "......" and the census returns may confirm some of this, but that does not mean "proven". Certificates and other documentary evidence cost money, so much will have to wait.

Where possible I have included information that indicates possibilities.
For instance, the census shows "John Smith" with wife "Mary Smith", and there is a certificate listed for a marriage in that parish, and for that time period for a "John Smith" and a "Mary Jones". But until I can buy a birth cerificate of one of their children, I won't be able to confirm whether the mother really was "Mary Jones"!
The information serves as a "reminder" that this still needs to be confirmed.

In general, I feel reasonably certain, that the information and stories presented here are correct, and I have clearly marked this, where I have my doubts.

p.s. Birth years may be out by a few years, due to wrong ages being given in censuses and certificates. Sometimes the ages were deliberately falsified, sometimes the informant just didn't know, and in the 1841 census, ages were rounded up to the next 5 years.

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This website is being developed using Firefox (the current version)
with a screen-resolution of 1024 x 768

I am also testing with some versions of Opera and MS Internet Explorer.

Update: March / April 2016

I am working on making this website "mobile friendly" (or at least friendlier !)
This will take a while so please be patient if there are some funny formattings happening.

I am re-writing the family trees using a different technique (SVG - Scalable Vector Graphics).

I will only be updating this new version in future, so if you are getting the "older browser" message, please try viewing the trees in a newer browser. SVG-Graphics are supported from Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 42, Opera 35, and Chrome 45 onwards, and from many other browsers.
A current list of browser with SVG support can be found at http://caniuse.com/#feat=svg-html5

Please let me know, if you notice any "funny" effects, that you feel are errors.

Thank you !

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