Family Trees & Charts

Minna Malecek had a
family tree for the
Margulies Family ...
The 'Original' Margulies Tree ... which had been extended from an entry in the
Jewish Encyclopedia,
1904, Vol. 8, p.327

The Margolioth Family Tree

These are the original family trees that started it all off, and
"A picture says a thousand words" so here are some trees and charts for the various family groups ...

Family Trees

Family Trees

Descendant Charts

Descendent Charts

Pedigree Tables

Pedigree Tables

Anna, Isidor and Emil Margulies
Hans Margulies
Heinrich Margulies

Menachim Menesh Margolioth
Frantisek Ruml (Remenyi)

Hans Margulies
Maria Remenyi

The Coleman Family
The Coleman - Staples Family
The McShane - Coleman Family

Henry Frederick Coleman
Elizabeth Smith (Breeze)

John Henry Coleman
Florence Moore

The Morser Family

Zalel Mörser
John Champion (1766)
Henry Norton (1811)
Catherine (Fisher) (1771)
Sarah Graves (Bowler) (1841)

Heinrich "Harry" Morser
Murial Champion
The Kennedy Family

Timothy Kennedy
John Hardy
John Benson

George Kennedy
Fanny Benson
The Ferrie Family

Hessie Baxter
John Ferrie
James Coleman

Robert Morrison Ferrie
Emily Stevenson

Both "Family Trees" and "Pedigree Tables" can be used for playing "Fill in the Blanks".