Coleman Family History

Coleman is an English and Scottish patronymic name from the Old Irish given name Colman, from Columbun (from Latin Columba = dove).
The Irish missionary to Europe, St. Columban (540-615) made the name popular.

The name is sometimes derived as an Anglicized version of the Gaelic
O Clumbhain (descendant of Clumhan).

As an occupational name, Coleman was the man who gathered charcoal,
from Old English col = coal + mann = man

And somewhat rarely, the name for the personal servant of the man named Cole.

This description came from one of the many "Origins of the Name ...." sites on the Internet.

The joke here, is that none of this may apply to us !
According to my father, his grandfather was a german seaman in the Merchant Navy, called


On settling in England he changed his name to


These pages tell some of the family history and chronicles of the Coleman families.

Update, May 2013

Two of Henry Federick Coleman's great-great-granddaughters, Karen and Linda,
have now contacted me (his great-grandson).
Through Linda we are now also in touch with a great-grandaughter, Barbara.

With their kind permission, some of the information we are exchanging is being added to the website.


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