Family Places

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Alexanderfeld / Bielitz-Biala, Poland
Bielitz / Bielsko / Bielitz
The Margulies family
Blandford, Dorset, GB
Blandford Forum
Blandford St. Mary

The Benson and Hardy families lived here. James Benson married Fanny Hardy and their family later moved to Brinscall in Lancashire.
Brinscall, Lancashire, GB
Brinscall, Lancashire GB

The Kennedy family came here from Ireland. Timothy Kennedy married Fanny Benson und their family lived for many years in Briscall.
Brody, Ukraine

Clara Sussman originally came fom Brody, and the Margolioth/Margulies families had many links to Brody.
Govan, Lanarkshire GB

Stevenson, Ferrie, Coleman (Irl.)
Katowiec / Katowice / Katowitz, Poland
Katowice / Katowitz

Krakau / Krakow, Poland
Krakow / Krakau

Margulies, Margolioth
Sosnowiec / Sosnowice / Sosnowitz, Poland
Sosnowiec / Sosnowitz

The Margulies family lived in Sosnowiec for many years. Emil, Isador, Hans and Heinrich were born there.
Zsolna / Zilina, Slovakia
Zilina / Zsolna

Maria Remenyi (1897)