Moritz Margulies (1849 - 1921)




1849 Krakow / Krakau, Poland.

Moritz seems to have had a variety of names:

  • Moritz: Faerber[1] and various internet sources.
    Probably the german form of his name.
  • (Moses) Maurycy: on the "shoresim website" [2]
    Maurycy is probably the polish form of the french name Maurice
  • Moyzesz: on Dan Hirschberg's website [3]
  • Mojzesz Maurycy: from a pedigree table sent to me by a Margulies researcher in Israel.
  • etc.

The dates for Moritz and his wife (Clara/Carolina/..) vary by a few years in these sources but they are all "embedded" within the same family relationships, so I am fairly sure, that the sources all refer to the same person.
(see also: Margulies & Sussman ! - but not ours !! )

  1. Meir Faerber: Dr. Emil Margulies, Ein Lebenskampf für Wahrheit und Recht, 1949, Tel Aviv
  2. Internet:
  3. Internet:


Father: Elyakim Getzel Margolis (1827 - 1869)
Mother: Scheindl Rabinowitz (1828 - ????)


1849 [Self]
1850 Mindla Margulies
1852 Hinda Margulies
1853 Feigla Miszka Margulies
1855 Joachim Markus Margulies
1857 Salomon Margulies
1861 Roza Margulies
1863 Abraham Alexander Margulies
          -> Abraham married Reisel Estera Gross and had four children.
          One of these children was Anja Margulies (b. 1889 in Krakow)
          who married Jacques Jakub Mahler in Berlin in 1908.
          See Telegrams from Krakow - 1908




1868 to Clara Sussman in Krakow, Apr 14 1868


1869 Anna Margulies
1871 Isidor Margulies
???? Julius Margulies
???? Siegmund Margulies
1876 Isabella Margulies
1877 Emil Margulies
1889 Hans Margulies
1890 Heinrich Margulies




1921 Kattowitz / Katowice, Poland, 14.06.1921

In 1895 Moritz and his family moved from Krakau (Krakow) to Kattowitz (Kattowice). He received aresidence permit for this move on condition that only german would be spoken at home[2].

[...] Moritz Margulies, a profound Talmud adept, was one of the early "Maskilim", i.e. someone who managed to introduce wordly knowledge, and non-jewish literature into jewish scholarly circles. He has published a volume of hebrew poetry, and also hebrew translations of Schiller. He could speak several languages; studied literature as a hobby; used his business trips (he was a well-to-do businessman(1), for historical studies(2), after a thorough analysis of the material, he was the first to write a modern description of the life of Jud Süss [Joseph Süß Oppenheimer](3) and also wrote an interesting essay on the false Messias David Alroy. He was especially interested in family research(4).
Meir Faerber [1]

Snippets and Speculations.

(1) His grandaughter believed he had a rope factory in .... ? ... Kattowitz ?

This is the only information I have from any family member about Moritz.
Everything else I know about him is from the above-mentioned book by Meir Faerber.
Searching the internet for Moritz Margulies I found the following possibility:

Kattowitz address book 1910 This was on a polish web-site - "Silesian Digital Library" - in an address book for 1910 for Kattowitz. Moritz is listed as a 'Fabrikbes.' - a factory owner. They also have the address books for 1894, 1914 and for later years, but I didn't see any more mentions of Moritz.

After adding the description above about the many variations of his name,
it then occurred to me to search for Maurycy Margulies

This turned up the two sites with the following information:
1898 Jan Meyerhold i Maurycy Margulies zakładają przy ul. Modrzejowskiej 56 parową fabrykę lin drucianych;

John Meyerhold and Maurice Margulies established at Modrzejowska 56 Wire-Rope Steam Factory

Wikepedia article: History of Będzin
- At the begining of the twentieth century the Parowa Fabryka Lin Drucianych (Wire-Rope Steam Factory) was established in Będzin. It was owned by M. Meyerhold and M. Margulies. Jewish Entrepreneurs of Będzin

This is looking promising, as Będzin, Sosnowice und Katowice are all within a few miles of each other and Jan Meyerhold also seems to have links to Sosnowice (Internet search).

But then I found another reference to Maurycy Margulies, as a businessman ... but (1856-1933) ! Our Moritz is "(1849-1921)" and this is too great a difference to ignore.

So it looks like there were two (or more) businessmen named Moritz or Maurycy Margulies in this area, and there is no way of telling which one is "ours". Even finding the old company records probably wouldn't help us here, as I doubt whether they would contain enough personal information about Moritz to be able to able to confirm whether the Moritz referred to here is my greatgrandfather.

Update Nov. 2015 : Yes, this is my greatgrandfather Moritz ! In the literary estate ("Nachlass") of Heinrich Margulies there is a confirmation that Moritz was one of the partners ("Gesellschafter") of the "Mechanische Drahtseilfabrik Meyerhold & Co." in Sosnowice, and was also the co-owner of a Steel Rope factory ("Drahtseilfabrik") in Będzin, Poland.[2]

(2) An Internet-search for "Moritz Margulies" gives many 'hits' for a book "Bibel und Babel".
Title Information
Title (English)
Bibel und Babel
[Only Ed.] Dr. Moritz Margulies
Julius Herlitz
Publication Date
Detailed Description
Text of a lecture responding to the outrageous Bibel und Babel of Prof. Friedrich Delitzsch by Dr. Moritz Margulies. The full title is Bibel und Babel: Vortrag gehalten in der Concordia-Loge zu Kattowitz.
Is this from my Greatgrandfather ?
It fits with Faerber's description of Moritz Margulies, but there are several publications from "Dr. Moritz Margulies" mentioned on the Internet and some of them are definitely medical works (and published too early). So we can't say anything definite here.

(3) "Karl Alexander Herzog von Wuertemberg und sein Juedischer Kabinettsminister Josef Suess Oppenheimer :
Eine kultur-historische Studie" von Moritz Margulies (1921)
A study of Josef Suess Oppenheimer, the court Jew and finance minister of Prince Karl Alexander of Wuertemberg, in the 18th century. Oppenheimer's career has been the subject of a number of antisemitic works, including a propaganda film sponsored by Goebbels. Selma Stern's classic 1929 work, The Court Jew, includes a chapter on Oppenheimer. The newspaper clippings and notes include information about the treatment of the court Jew in other works, including Stern's study, and Lion Feuchtwanger's historical novel, Jud Suess. Sources: Website: ArchiveGrid and Website: WorldCatRID

(4) All lost, alas !


  1. Dr. Emil Margulies, Ein Lebenskampf für Wahrheit und Recht, Faerber, 1949, Tel Aviv
  2. Vera Regine Röhl: "Es gibt kein Himmelreich auf Erden" - Heinrich Margulies - ein säkularer Zionist. Königshausen und Neumann, Würzburg 2014