Clara Sussman (1852-1932)




1852 Będzin, Poland

Clara seems to have had a variety of names:

  • Clara: Faerber[1], various internet sources and
    from a pedigree table sent to me by a Margulies researcher in Israel.
  • (Kaila) Karoline: on the "shoresim website"[2], and
    on Dan Hirschberg's website[3]
  • Keile Sisman: Krakow census, 1870
  • Keila Clara Karolina[4]
  • etc.

And her surname is also given as Syszman, Süßman, ...

The dates for Moritz and Clara vary by a few years in these sources but they are all "embedded" within the same family relationships, so I am fairly sure, that the sources all refer to the same person.
(see also: Margulies & Sussman ! - but not ours !! )

[1] Dr. Emil Margulies, Ein Lebenskampf für Wahrheit und Recht, Faerber, 1949, Tel Aviv


Father: Izrael SUSSMANN
Mother: Sara Gitel HAMBURGER






1868 to Moritz Margulies in Krakow, Apr 14 1868


1869 Anna Margulies
1871 Isidor Margulies
???? Julius Margulies
???? Siegmund Margulies
1876 Isabella Margulies
1877 Emil Margulies
1889 Hans Margulies
1890 Heinrich Margulies




Death notice, Neue Freie Presse, Feb 27, 1932
Death notice in the
"Neue Freie Presse, Feb 27, 1932

1932, 25 February, Vienna, Austria

... ist wenige Tag vor Vollendung ihres achtzigsten Lebensjahre sanft entschlafen.

... passed gently away shortly before her eightieth birthday.

Biographical Notes and Snippets…
From a viennese newspaper:
A Garden for Clara Margulies. To honour the memory of their mother Clara Margulies (died 25th. February 1932) her children, Anna Putermann, Dr. Isidor Margulies, Dr. Emil Margulies (Leitmeritz), Hans Margulies, Heinrich Margulies (Tel Aviv), have endowed a garden in the "Clara Margulies Grove". The deposit of 500 Austrian Schillings has been transferred to the Keren Kajemeth. Die Stimme, Volume 5, No. 218, 10th. March 1932
A Garden for Clara Margulies. With the 500 Schillings that were received this week, the first garden in the "Clara Margulies Grove" was able to be completed. Die Stimme, Volume 5, No. 228, 19th. May 1932
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  • Hans and Clara
  • Maria and Clara
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