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Margulies Family History

A European Family

Looking at the places where our Margulies and Remenyi ancestors were born, lived, worked and died, it seems that they wandered through many of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe -

In 1920, in the Treaty of Trianon , the borders of many Central and Eastern European countries were "re-drawn".
This map shows the changes.

Map of Austro-Hungarian Empire
Source: Wikimedia Commons: Das Ende Österreich-Ungarns

Looking at this map, we can see that most of these 'present-day' countries were all part of the (then) Austro-Hungarian Empire.

    Margulies Family ...

  1. Brody, Galiicia, now in the Ukraine;
    The Margulies moved from Krakow to Brody and later back to Krakow.

  2. Kattowice, Sosnowice (also known as "Russian Poland"), now in Poland;
    Many of 'our' Margulies were born and lived in this area.
    The history of the "Western Galicia" - the lands between Kraków and Warsaw -abounded with vicissitudes: it stopped being Austrian in 1809, when it became part of the Prussia-dependent Duchy of Warsaw, and it became part of the Russia-dependent Kingdom of Poland in 1815. Galicia and Kraków, however, remained Austrian until 1918. http://www.shoreshim.org/en/infoEmperorJoseph.asp
  3. Vienna, the capital city of Austria; many of our ancestors moved to Vienna to study or work there.

  4. Leitmeritz, Bohemia, now in the Czech Republic; where Emil Margulies lived.

    Remenyi Family ...

  5. Trenčianska Teplá, Trenčín, Hungary: now in Slovakia. Joseph Remenyi's birthplace,

  6. Žilina, Hungary, now in Slovakia; Maria Remenyi's birthplace,

  7. Bratislava (hungarian Poszony, german: Pressburg), Hungary; now the capital city of Slovakia.
    The Remenyi family lived here 'for a while' ...

  8. Ungvar, Hungary; now Uzhgorod in the Ukraine. Margit Papaloczy was born here.

    Stein Familien ...

  9. Jičin, Trutno (Trautenau), Bohemia (Böhmen): now in the Czech Republic.
    Adolf Stein served in various places in Bohemia. If his family lived with him, where he served, then Viktor Stein was probably born here in this area.

  10. Budweis (Ĉeské Budějovice), South Bohemia: now in the Czech Republic.
    Adolf Stein also served here (1906), possibly his last posting before his retirement.

  11. At various times all four Margulies brothers (Isidor, Emil, Hans and Heinrich) studied and/or worked in Berlin and Vienna, but

    • In 1926 Heinrich and his family emigrated to Palestine
    • In 1937(?) Isidor and his family fled to Palestine
    • In 1938 Emil and his family fled to Prague, and in 1939, from there to Palestine
    • in 1938 Hans and his family fled to Prague, and in 1939, from there to England

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