Anna Margulies (1869-1933)




Father: Moritz Margulies
Mother: Clara Sussman


1869 [Self]
1871 Isidor Margulies
18?? Julius Margulies
18?? Siegmund Margulies
1876 Isabella Margulies
1877 Emil Margulies
1869 Hans Margulies
1890 Heinrich Margulies




18?? Jakob Putermann


???? Marila
???? Julek (could this be Julian, 1892-1953 ??)
1916 Halina (died young)




Where and when unknown.
Sources differ Nazi victim / natural death.
(Memo to self: expand, with sources.)

My Aunt remembers that Anna Margulies married a Mr. Puterman, who was an archtect.
She believes he designed the Warsaw Main Post Office.

Updated: June 2010:

While browsing the internet recently I found this reference to Margulies/Puterman:

84. s. 282: SADLOWSKI Julian (1892-1953) architekt (rodzice: Jakub Puterman i Anna Margulies)
Translation: architect (parents: Jakub Puterman and Anna Margulies)

Further searching for "jakub puterman" found a Wikipedia page of a list of polish doctors,
but unfortunately Jakub Puterman is only listed by name, without a corresponding article.
Jakub Puterman 1857 - 1933 lekarz; wiceprezes Towarzystwa Lekarskiego
Translation: Doctor; Vice president of the Warsaw Medical Association

Judging by the number of internet articles found about him, Julian Puterman was quite well known as an architect.
Here is a Wikipedia article about him:
An internet translation of this page provides information about his career as an architect, but very little family information.
However, this is interesting:
(born 1892, in Sosnowiec, died. 22 March 1953 in Warsaw)
The Margulies family lived many years in Sosnowiec (Sosnowice, Sosnowitz); I don't know about Anna and Isidor, but her brothers, Emil (1877), Hans (1889) and Heinrich (1890) were born there.

Further information: Various projects are mentioned, but this one is particualrly interesting:
1934 - Telecom office building on ul. Nowogrodzkiej 45 in Warsaw - Poland's first building with steel frame construction

None of this has been corroborated yet, but if this is "our" family, then it looks as if my aunt could have been remembering the family stories about her cousin Julian, the architect, rather than her uncle Jakub, the doctor.

Postscript: an architectural romance ?

A further entry in the first website mentioned above shows another interesting entry:
87. s. 286: SADLOWSKI Wladyslaw Aleksander (1869-1940) profesor architektury (rodzice: Wiktor Sadlowski i Maria Rawska).
Translation: Professor of Architecture (parents: Wiktor Sadlowski and Maria Rawska).
Pure speculation here, but could it be, that Julian studied architecture and married the professor's daughter?