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Margulies Family History

The Margulies in Krakow

Orientation: Krakow in Poland

My Greatgreatgrandfather, Elyakim Getzel Margulies, was born in Brody (in present-day Ukraine). He married Scheindel Rabinowitz, who was born in Krakow (present-day Poland). I don't know when or why he came to Krakow or how he met his wife, but they obviously decided to settle in Krakow. Elyakim Getzel and Scheindel had eight children who were all born in Krakow.

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The 1870 Census for Krakow  can now be seen online.

Here we can see a Margulies family consisting of Elyakim Getzel, Scheindel and their six youngest children.

1870 Census: Krakow / Krakau

Name RelationAge(Born)BirthplaceOccupation
MarguliesElyakim GetzelHead(43)(1827)Brody
MarguliesFeigla Miszkadaughter(16)(1854)Krakow
MarguliesJoachim Markusson(15)(1855)Krakow
MarguliesAbraham Aleksanderson(7)(1863)Krakow

The oldest daughter, Mindla, is not shown in the census. She is now 20 and is probably married.

By 1870 the oldest son, Moritz (my Greatgrandfather), had already married and left home. His children were all born in Sosnowiec (Sosnowitz) but he and his family are listed in the census as being in Krakow.

1870 Census: Krakow / Krakau

Name RelationAge(Born)BirthplaceOccupation
MarguliesKeile SismanWife(19)(1851)-

Mozes Margulies ?? Keile Sisman ??

Both Moritz and Clara seems to have had a variety of names, see Moritz Margulies and Clara Sussman