Maria Remenyi (1893-1947)



1893 : 3rd. March, Žilina (Zsolna), Czechoslavakia (now Slovakia)

Žilina is 200 km. n.e. of Bratislava and about 40 km. from the polish border. More details on the Internet: and Wikepedia: Žilina

The birth certificate was issued in 1938, probably as part of the documentation Maria needed, to flee from Austria. As the birth certificate is written in a mixture of Slovakian and Latin, a notarised german translation of all slovakian texts, was needed. According to this translation, the comments in the last column of the certificate read roughly thus:

In accordance with the Regulation Number 115443 from 19.11.1898, from the Ministry of Internal Affairs [the Home Office], the name was changed to "Remenyi"
and further:
Left the Roman-Catholic Church in Vienna XIX [19th.] District, 6.7.1924
Nr. 3212/24 I. Ruzicka, Priest M.P. Official Seal of the Pastoral Office in Zilina.
The certificate, was also signed by her mother,
using her maiden name, J. Majer [pronounced: Mayer]


Father: Frantisek (Franz) Ruml / Remenyi
Mother: Johanna Majer


1892 Joseph Remenyi
1893 [Self]
1896 Anna Remenyi
1897 Mathilde Remenyi



Marriage Certificate

1920 Hans Margulies , in Vienna, Austria.





Death Certificate

1947 In London, England

Biographical Notes and Snippets…
Maria was baptised as a catholic, but left the church in 1924. However, when they fled from Austria in 1938 she was able to argue that her children were still catholics, presumably to help get exit visas for them.

Certificate of exemption from Internment
After fleeing from the nazis in 1938 Maria and family lived in England. When war was declared in 1939 the family were considered as 'enemy aliens'. Her husband, Hans Margulies, was interned in 1940 but Maria and the children were exempted.

Although her normal occupation was "housewife", according to the exemption-certificate she was working as a domestic servant, presumably to support the family.

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