Margit (Margaret) Papaloczy (1892 - 1975)



Margit Papaloczy

born 25 feb 1892, Ungvar (Uzhgorod), Ungarn
Später "amerikanisierte" Margit ihren Name auf "Margaret"

Geburtsort: Ungvar, damals in Ungarn, wurde durch den Vertrag von Trianon den Ukraine zugeteilt.


Vater : Julius Losoky
Mutter: Rose (Losoky) (1868-1940 Source: Cleveland Necrology file)
"Losoky" ist eventuell eine "Amerkanisierung" von "Papaloczy".






Margit heiratete Joseph Remenyi in 1918.






Margit starb in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, in Dezember 1975.

Übersetzung demnächst .... "

When Joseph Remenyi came to America in 1914, he worked in Philadelphia. He probably met Margaret Papaloczy, who he married in 1918, while in Philadelphia, as her family is mentioned as living there.

His niece remembers:
He was married to Margit [americanised: Margaret] (whom I never liked very much, she never had any time for us kids). They had no children. I do remember him visiting several times during our summer holidays in the Salzkammergut. He was a wonderful storyteller.

Margaret studied dramatics as a girl and later toured with a small professional company. After her marriage she appeared briefly in a play written by her husband and produced by the Cleveland Playhouse.
Source: Obituary, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, 10.12.1975
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Family Holidays at Altensee - prob. 1931 or 1932

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