Ferrie Family History

Snippets & Stories

This is a collection of stories (hearsay, "vaguely remembered", unconfirmed oral history)
and some snippets I have found, here and there.

The Hessie Legend

From 1775 - 1783 America fought her Battle of Independance from the British. King George III was descended from the House of Hannover, and to stock up his army, he used troops from his relatives in Germany. Therefore, many of the so-called British Army were in fact german mercenaries.

One of them, from Hesse, decided not to return to Germany after the war was over, and he settled down in the Hebrides (Outer / Inner ?). In memory of his homeland, he called his first-born daughter Hesse or Hessa. She called her first-born daughter Hessa and this became the tradition in the family.

In the course of time, "Hessa" became "Hessie", and one of the Hessies moved to Ireland.

Well, that is the legend — is it true ?can we prove it ?

For the sake of argument (or for this page) let's assume it is true.
(and yes - I do know we shouldn't assume anything in family research, so use the word "speculate" if you prefer !)

If we allow twenty to twenty five years between generations, then we are talking about eight or nine generations of Hessies… Let us assume nine generations for now, until we know more.

1   "The First Hessie"     born 1785-1795(?)
in the Hebrides
father:  a hessian soldier
mother: Unknown
2 Unknown born ??
in ??
f:  Unknown
m: Unknown
3 Unknown born ??
in ??
f:  Unknown
m: Unknown
4 Hessie Baxter born ??
in ??
f:  Unknown
m: Unknown
5 Hessie Stevenson born 1861
in Ireland
f:  Joseph Stevenson
m: Hessie Baxter
6 Hessie Stevenson born 1880
in Ireland
f:  John Stevenson (Snr)
m: Hessie Stevenson
7 Hessie [Private]

8 Hessie

9 Hessie [Private]

To Anybody, Anywhere!

If you know of any Hessies, who you feel belong to this family,
please, please, let me know
A.S.A.P. !

Who knows, with a bit ( ... a bit ??, a LOT !!) of luck, one day I may even find ...
"The First Hessie"

How did I find the other generations ??
See here for some of the details ... Searching for Stevensons and Colemans ...