Hessie (Hettie) Stevenson (1880 - 1945)




Possible date of birth:
1878/79 Ireland (source: 1901 Scot. Census, Age 22)
1880/81 (source: marr. record in 1907, Age 26)
1880/81 (source: death record in 1945, Age 64)

Her niece remembers that her Grandfather used to move around a lot because of his job. She is fairly sure that he worked for a while in Silverdale, near Morecambe, in Lancashire and that Aunt Hettie was born then.


Father: John Stevenson (Snr)
Mother: Hessie Stevenson


1880 [Self]
1884 Emily Stevenson
1888 John Stevenson
1891 Alfred Stevenson (Died 1891, 5 months old)


Father: Warren Coleman (Snr)
1895 Annie Coleman
1897 William John Coleman
1902 Warren Coleman (died 1903, 10 months old)
1904 Warren Coleman




1) 1907, Mar. 29: Dugald A Stewart, 27
    of 102 South St White Inch Glasgow
    Iron Moulder (journeyman) bach.

Father: John Stewart nightwatchman
Mother: Margaret McLaren (dec)

at 21 Abbotsford Place, Gorbals, Glasgow

Witnesses: Archibald Paterson and Emily Stevenson
After publication ... Church of Scotland




2) 1923, Aug. 31: John Nicholson, 32
    of 96 Blackburn Street Govan
    Letterpress printer, bach.

Father: Neil Nicholson soldier (dec)
Mother: Mary Lyicklo (could be Lyichlo) (dec)

at Govan Parish Church

Witnesses: Robert Sinclair and Mary Sinclair
both of 16 Margaret St Glasgow
After publication ... Church of Scotland






1945, Oct. 2: Camlachie, Glasgow, aged 64
at 353(?) Duke Street
(usual residence 22 Plant Street, Glasgow) Age 64

Biographical Notes and Snippets…
In the 1901 Scotland Census, Hessie Stevenson is listed as a Pickle Worker !
Could this be where the Hessies' love of pickles all started, i.e. they all inherited it through osmosis ?