Ferrie Family History

Searching for Ferries ...

For a long time, all we knew of the Ferries, was that they came from Islay. Then one day, Hessie Ferrie said "the family came from Islay, sometime, but my father, Robert Morrison Ferrie (R.M.F), was born in Glasgow !"

Armed with this information A. from ScotlandsPeople found a birth certificate, stating that R.M.F was born in 1882 in Anderston, Glasgow.

W., from RootsChat, then managed to find the marriage certificate for R.M.F's parents and to find the Ferrie Family on the 1881, the 1891 and the 1901 census.
She also found a Scotland-born Robert Ferrie in a barracks in Chatham, Kent in 1901, but we don't know whether this is R.M.F !

Surprise, surprise ! - Robert Ferrie's father, John Ferrie, was born in America !!

After a request on Rootschat for a look-up in America, D. found the family in 1860, in Pennsylvania:

1860 Census: US Census
Philidelphia County, Pennsylvania
Philadelphia (city), 15th Ward

Name RelationAge(Born)BirthplaceOccupation
John Ferrey 26(1834)Scotland Iron Moulder
Mary Ferrey 27(1833)England
John Ferrey 3 (1857)Pennsylvania
Richard Ferrey 1 (1859)Pennsylvania

Another RootsChatter, t. had a look for, but couldn't find the family in the 1850 and 1870 census. However, she did find these entries:
Name: John Ferrie
Place of Origin: Scotland
Declaration of Intent Date: Apr 23, 1860
Declaration of Intent Court: United States District
Signature 1:
Signature 2: John Ferrie
Comment: 32346
Name: John Ferrey
Place of Origin: Great Britain and Ireland
Declaration of Intent Date: Sep 20, 1856
Declaration of Intent Court: United States District
Oath of Allegiance Date: Sep 30, 1859
Oath of Allegiance Court: Common Pleas
Signature 1:
Signature 2: John Ferrey
Comment: 32343
Philadelphia, 1789-1880 Naturalization Records

Now there's a thought to ponder:
If one of these is "our" John Ferrie, then this suggests, that he intended to stay in the U.S.A.

But another RootsChatter, T. 'found' the Ferries in back in Scotland, in 1871, and Mary is 'Head' of the house !
Note that Mary is 'mar'[ried] and not 'w', 'wid' or widow' !

So where is John ?
Did he die in America and the family came back to Scotland ??
But then why Scotland, when Mary was English ??
Or did he come back with them, to his homeland, Scotland, and then leave them 1871 ??

Here is the family in 1871, it looks like John is following his father's footsteps ...

1871 Census:
Park County: Lanark Civil Parish: Govan: Village Strahlingo?
Pollack xxxx? Rd. Storyland's 126

Name RelationAge(Born)BirthplaceOccupation
Mary Ann Mar Ferrie Head 40(1831)England Washerwoman
John Ferrie Son 13(1858)America (B.Sub.) Moulder Apprentice
Richard Ferrie Son 11(1860)America (B.Sub.) Scholar
Theresa Ferrie Daur 10(1861)America (B.Sub.) Scholar

Here is the family in 1881, and it looks like Theresa is now following in her mother's footsteps !

1881 Census:
Lanarkshire, Scotland
21 Catherine Street, Barony

Name RelationAge(Born)BirthplaceOccupation
Mary Ferrie Head 47(1831)England
John Ferrie Son 23(1858)United States Labourer, Boilermaker
Richard Ferrie Son 21(1860)United States Labourer, Boilermaker
Theresa Ferrie Daur 20(1861)United States Laundress

On the 15th. July, 1881, shortly after the census was taken, John Ferrie (Junior !) married Margaret Morrison.
By 1891 they had established a family.

1891 Census:
Anderston, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Name RelationAge(Born)BirthplaceOccupation
John Ferrie Head 33 (1858)America Nat. Subject Iron Driller
Maggie Ferrie Wife 33 (1858)Lanarkshire Glasgow
Robert Ferrie Son 9 (1882)Lanarkshire Glasgow Scholar
Mary Ferrie Daur 7 (1884)Lanarkshire Glasgow Scholar
Richard Ferrie Son 14m(1890)Lanarkshire Glasgow
This looks like Robert Morrison Ferrie ....

... but where is he in 1901 ??
1901 Census:

45 Richard Street Anderston, Glasgow

Name RelationAge(Born)BirthplaceOccupation
John Ferrie Head 43 (1858)America Iron Driller
Maggie Ferrie Wife 43 (1858)Lanarkshire Glasgow
Mary Ferrie Daur 17 (1884)Lanarkshire Glasgow Confectioner's sugar boiler
Richard Ferrie Son 11 (1890)Lanarkshire Glasgow
Theresa Ferrie Daur 8 (1893)Ayrshire Irvine
Belle Ferrie Daur 6 (1894)Lanarkshire Glasgow
In England perhaps ? There is a Scots-born Robert Ferrie, along with a whole page of other Scots,
in 1901 in a military barracks in Chatham, Kent but we don't know if this is "our" R.M.F !
1901 Census:
Chatham Kent

Name RelationAge(Born)BirthplaceOccupation
Robert Ferrie 20 (1881)Scotland Corporal Infantry Militia

What is noticeable is the naming pattern:
John and Mary named their children John, Richard and Theresa
John and Margaret named their children Robert, Mary, Richard, Theresa and Belle
Robert and Emily named their children Anne, Robert, Hessie and Richard