Hessie Stevenson (1861 - 1932)



Hessie Stevenson-Coleman

Possible dates of birth:
1854/5 Ireland (source: 1901 Scot. Census, Age 46)
1862/3 Ireland (source: 1911 Scot. Census, Age 48)
1860/1 (source: her death record in 1932, Age 71)


Father: Joseph Stevenson (Tailor)
Mother: Hessie Baxter






1) John Stevenson


1880 Hessie Stevenson
1884 Emily Stevenson
1888 John Stevenson
1891 Alfred Stevenson (died 1891, 5 months old)

Marriage Record

2) 1886 Warren Coleman (Snr)
18th. May, Belfast, Ireland


1895 Annie Coleman
1897 William John Coleman
1902 Warren Coleman (died 1903, 10 months old)
1904 Warren Coleman



Death Record

1932, Feb 22, Glasgow (District of Plantation)

Biographical Notes and Snippets…
Hessie Coleman (prev. Stevenson) and her Shop

Her granddaughter remembers her Grandmother having a "Jenny all things" shop. On one side of the aisle there would be "tatties and cabbages" and on the other "sweeties". At Christmas there would always be a big box of Fry's Chocolate Cremes (which is where she got her life-long taste for them !).
The shop was opposite the "penny buffs", the Govan Mixed Infants School. She would come over regularly to the playground and bring sweets for her favourite grandchild, Hessie's brother .