Henry Frederick Coleman (1863 - 1934)




Henry Frederick was born in ...

1862 ? : In 1887 his age is given as 25 (marriage cert.)
1859 ? : In 1901 his age is given as 42 (1901 census)
1862 ? : In 1934 his age is given as 72 (death cert.)
We don't know how accurate the given ages were,
so we can only say he was born sometime between 1858 and 1863.

Henry Frederick was born in ...
Hamburg, Germany ? - St. Pancras, London ? - see below.


Father: Henry Frederick Coleman, Postmaster, deceased.
(From his son's Marriage Certificate)
Mother: Unknown





Marriage Certificate
He married Rose Elvina Breeze
at St. Lukes Church, Hammersmith, on 25th. February 1887


1888 John Henry Coleman
1891 Dora Coleman



Death Certificate
12th. April 1934, 105 Oakley Street, Lambeth, London, GB

According to My Dad, Henry Frederick Coleman came from Germany. His name was originally Kalnung (Heinrich Kalnung ?). He served in the Merchant Navy and, on being discharged, emigrated to England, settled down and raised a family.

Not yet clear, is when he/we stopped being Kalnung and became Coleman.

In 1887, on his marriage certificate, and
In 1888, when John Henry was born, he was a baker.
In 1891, when Dora was born, he was working as a Railway Porter
In the 1901 Census he is listed as Park Keeper.

My Dad remembers that his "Grandad was a gruff old teutonic B******, who played the zither and the accordian, and sang tenor".

He remembers him working as a lavatory attendant at St. James Park in London ("Park keeper" !). My Dad would visit him in his "hut", after school, and his Granddad gave him cups of tea, and sang and played his accordion.

They lived in Victoria, London

Henry didn't like (hated !) his son's wife, Florence Moore, ("that Jewess !"). When she died, he moved in with his son, in Lambeth.

Update May 2013: I have been contacted by two of Henry's Greatgranddaughters and they have supplied some new information. Henry Frederick may not have been born in Germany after all. A new possibility is that he was born in a workhouse in St. Pancras, and tried to hide this fact by "saying different things to different people".

The 'paper trail' is very clear from his marriage onwards, but we are still looking for more 'proven' information on his earlier life, and origins.

Time line
Date Given
Event Source material(s)
1862-64?Born in ?[source(s) ?]
25.02.188725Married Rose Elvina BreezeMarriage certificate
13.02.1888 Birth of son: John HenryBirth certificate
05.04.1891 [UK census entry ?][source(s) ?]
27.03.1891 Birth of daughter: DoraBirth certificate
31.03.190142UK CensusCensus image
02.04.1911 [UK census entry ?][source(s) ?]
12.04.193472Death in Lambeth, LondonDeath certificate