Rose Elvina Breeze (1859-1942)



Birth Certificate

14th. January, 1859 in Outwell, Isle of Ely
Registered in Wisbech, Sub.District of Upwell, County of Norfolk and Isle of Ely
19th. February 1860 Wisbeach-St Peter, Wisbech, Cambridge, UK

The name Elvina means 'friend of elves' (anglo-saxon meaning) or Elf (english meaning)


Mother: Maria Smith
Father: not given on Birth Certificate but on her marriage certificate she entered "John Breeze, (Farmer, deceased)"


1837 John Jnr. (died young ?, see 2nd. John, 1847)
1841 Elizabeth
1843 Anna Maria
1845 William
1847 John
1852 Unnamed, died during or after birth
       (see mother's bio. page.)

1859 [Self]



Marriage Certificate

Rose Breeze married Henry Frederick Coleman , 26, a Baker
at St. Lukes Church, Hammersmith, on 25th. February 1887


1888 John Henry Coleman
1891 Dora Coleman




(?) 1942, Staines, Middlesex, UK.

Time line
Date Given
Event Source material(s)
14.01.1859 Born in Outwell, Isle of ElyBirth certificate
19.02.1860 Christened in Wisbeach St. PeterIGI
07.04.1861 2UK CensusCensus image
02.04.187110UK CensusCensus image
03.04.188125UK CensusMarriage certificate
25.02.188726Marriage to Henry Frederick ColemanMarriage certificate
13.02.1888 Birth of son: John HenryBirth certificate
27.03.1891 Birth of daughter: DoraBirth certificate
02.04.189129UK CensusCensus image
31.03.190138UK CensusCensus image
02.04.1911 UK CensusCensus image
--.--.193980National Register (possibly, as DOD unknown)NR transcription
--.--.19?? Death[source(s) ?]