Dora Coleman (1891-1956)



Birth Certificate

27th. March 1891, Queen Charlottes's Hospital, Marylebone
Registered in Marylebone, Sub-District St. Mary, County of London


Father: Henry Frederick Coleman
Mother: Rose Elvina Breeze


1888 John Henry Coleman
1891 [Self]



Marriage Certificate

1) Married Hubert Charles McShane , 3rd. September 1907 in London, England




2) Married William J. Webb, in 1922, in London.





Death Certificate

1956 London

On Dora's death certificate it states that her name is "Dora Barry otherwise Webb". "Dora Barry" is also entered on this announcement for a mass offered on her death.
As far as I know she was not born a catholic, but her (first) husband, Hubert McShane was, so she may have converted on marriage.

Two memories of his Aunt Dora (and her second husband, William Webb) from My Dad:

Aunt Dora and her husband lived in Pimlico. They used to fight a lot. Sometimes, when visitors came, they would be offered a cup of tea, but in beer-mugs - all the cups had got broken, in a fight, the night before !

My Dad mentioned, in passing, that he had an uncle, who was a well-known boxer.

One day, in an idle moment, I entered "Coleman boxer england" in the Google-Search-Engine and examined some of the 90+ results. Apart from a lot of adverts for "Nick Coleman's famous boxer shorts", I also found a Henry Boxer, who owned an art gallery and had had an exhibition of Joe Coleman's paintings !!!

Further searching turned up an interview with Joe Coleman. The interviewer, commenting on a scar on Joe's chin, said "It makes you look like your grandfather, the boxer ...". I was getting quite excited at this, but then the next reference to Joe Coleman said ...

"... born in Newark, U.S.A ..."

So then I had the following fantasy:
Garry's uncle, or one of his uncles's children, emigrates to the U.S.A. and one of his descendents, named Joe, becomes a painter ....

Later, when I "found" Garry's Aunt Dora in the Census, he then remembered, that it wasn't his uncle, but his cousin, Aunt Dora's son, who was a boxer. He fought for the army, and one day, in the Thomas à Beckett Pub, which had a boxing ring upstairs, he took on, and beat, a well known boxer.

The cousin later moved to Blandford, Dorset.
(Coincidently, on Hessie Charlotte's mother's side of the family, the Bensons originally came from Blandford !)

Updated: October 2013
I am now in contact with three descendants of Henry Frederick Coleman and Rose Elvina Breeze .
... and one of them is the boxer's daughter !!

Time line
Date Given
Event Source material(s)
27.03.1891 BirthBirth certificate
05.04.18919d.UK CensusCensus image
31.03.190110UK CensusCensus image
03.10.190716Marriage to Hubert Charles McShaneMarriage certificate
02.04.191120UK CensusCensus transcript
1914 Death of Hubert Charles McShane (KIA)His service record
xx.xx.1921UK Census (not yet released)[source(s) ?]
1922 Marriage to William Webb[source(s) ?]
xx.xx.1939National Register[source(s) ?]
xx.xx.1951UK Census (not yet released)[source(s) ?]
195665DeathDeath certificate,
Announcement of Holy Mass