Viktor Stein (1888-1967)




About 1888
Source: Cemetery records

On his gravestone he is named "Viktor K. Stein".
I don't know what the 'K' stands for.


Father: Adolf Stein
Mother: Unknown


1888 [Self]
18?? Ada Stein
[Others ?]




Married Mathilde Remenyi
(where and when Unknown)






1967. Viktor was buried in Grinzing, 19 Nov. 1967.

Biographical Notes and Snippets…
Viktor Stein (ca. 1917)
I posted this photo of Viktor Stein on a family history forum and asked if anyone could tell me more about him.

I received this answer from F. :
hierbei handelt es sich um einen Leutnant eines k.u.k. Infanterie gab einen Viktor Stein beim k.u.k. Galizischen Infanterie Regiment Nr. 55. This is a photo of a Leutenant in a k.u.k. Infantry Regiment ... there was a Viktor Stein in the k.u.k. Galician Infantery Regiment No. 55.
(Memo to self: order Grundbuchblatt from Kriegsarchiv)

In another request I had asked whether anyone in Vienna could take a photo of Viktor's gravestone for me.
A forum member, T., very kindly did so (see photo above).

On seeing the inscription "Dr. Prok. Präsident i.R. Viktor K. Stein" [Dr. Procurator President (Rtd.)] he also did an Internet search and supplied me with a link to a book:
Fortschritt und Barbarei : Österreichs Finanzverwaltung im Dritten Reich by Wolfgang Fritz.

Viktor is described there (in 1938) as a Prokuratorsoberrat. I can't find a translation of that, so I'll just say it looks like he worked as a very high official in the Finanzverwaltung (Fiscal Authority, Finance Administration), later becoming president of the Finanzprokuratur.
Finanzprokuratur: Federal Financial Agency with power of legal representation, agency under the jurisdiction of the Finance Ministry responsible for handling the legal aspects of federal assets, in particular for representing federal assets in a court of law. Legal claims for financial compensation against the Austrian government can be filed with the Finanzprokatur.
Austria-Forum: Definition of Finanzeprokuratur
Viktor and his work at the "Prokuratur" receives several mentions in this document from the Historical Commission about the the austrian financial administration:
"Die österreichische Finanzverwaltung und die Restitution entzogener Vermögen 1945 bis 1960"
which is available on the internet as a PDF-file (625 KBytes) at
(Thanks again to T. for this link)
Victor's son was killed in World War 2.
As a result Viktor Stein refused to visit his relatives in Britain after the war.

With thanks to the members of the family history forum
for all their help in finding information about the Stein Family.