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1888 Viktor Stein
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Biographical Notes and Snippets…
Colonel Adolf Stein
In the hopes of founding out more about Adolf Stein, I posted this photo and the one above on a family history forum.

A few hours later, F. posted an answer:
das ist ein Major der k.k. Landwehr....vermutlich LIR 11 aus Jičin

Using this information ("k.k. landwehr adolf stein") I started an internet search and found this in the "Schematismus der K.K. Landwehr .." .

A further tip from F. brought me to another page of the "Schematismus ...".

An austrian "Militär-Schematismus" is a register of persons serving in the various Batallions and Companies of the Austrian Army. A full list (including links to Internet pages, where available) can be found here:
Wiki page: Österreichischer Militär-Schematismus (in german)

After searching through the Schematismus der k. k. Landwehr und der k. k. Gendamarie der im Reichsrathe vertretenen Königreiche und Länder für [Jahr], k. k. Hof- und Staatsdruckerei, Wien [Jahr] for various years, I was able to gain a picture of his military service, which I have added below.

Year Event Source (Year / Page)
1875 Rangliste: Leutenant Schematismus: 1879 / 47
1879 Einteilungliste: Böhmisches Landwehr-Infantrie-Bataillon Nr. 32 Deutschbrod
Instructions-Cadre / Leutenant / Stein, Adolf
Schematismus: 1879 / 47
1880 Rangliste: Oberleutenant (Lieutenant-Colonel) Schematismus: 1887 / 35
1887 Einteilungsliste: Mähr. Landwehr Infanterie-Bataillon Nr. 17 Weisskirchen
Instructions-Cadre / Oberleutenant / Stein, Adolf
Schematismus: 1887 / 120
1887 Rangliste: Hauptleute 1. Cl. Schematismus: 1894 / 35
1887 Landwehr-Bataillon Nr. 44 Trautenau
im Verbande des böhm Landw.-Inf.-Reg. Nr. 11 (Jičin)
Hauptleute 1. Cl.
Schematismus: 1894 / 276
1896 Rangliste: Major Schematismus: 1900 / 47
1898 Awarded the "Militärverdienstkreuz" (Abb.: MVK)
Stein, Adolf, Major des Landwehr-Infantrie-Regiments Jičin Nr. 11
Schematismus: 1900 / 6
18?? Awarded the "Bronzene Jubiläumserinnerungsmedaille für die bewaffnete Macht" (Abb.: ®)
1900 Einteilungsliste: Landwehr-Infanterie-Regiments Nr. 11 Jičin
Major, Comdt des l.Bat. (MVK., ®)
Schematismus: 1900 / 331
18?? Awarded the "Militärdienstzeichen für Offiziere 3. Klasse" (Abb.: D3)
1900 Rangliste: Oberstleutnant Schematismus: 1894 / 35
1904 Einteilungsliste: Landwehr-Infanterie-Regiments Nr. 11 Jičin
Oberstleutenant, Comdt des l.Bat. (MVK., ®, D3)
Schematismus: 1904 / 350
1900 Rangliste: Oberstleutnant Schematismus: 1906 / 119
1906 Einteilungsliste: Landwehrfußtruppen Nr. 29 Budweis
Oberstleutenant Stein, Adolf EBKomdt (MVK., ®, D3)
( EBkomdt = Ergänzungsbezirkskommandant )
Schematismus: 1906 / 119
1908 Rangliste: Unangestellte Oberst / Ruhestand (Colonel, rtd.)
Stein Adolf MVK., ®, DS. m. T. u. Gh. (Graz)
Schematismus: 1908 / 117
Adolf Stein retired sometime between 1906 and 1908 "mit Titel und Charakter". This is an honourable discharge with the entitlement to continue to call himself "Oberst" (Colonel), and to wear his uniform for state occasions. It is possible that he retired as Lieutenant-Colonel, and his "Retirement Rank" was promoted to Colonel ("Titularcharge").

Because of the uniform in the photos, I am reasonably certain that the later entries are for the "correct" Adolf Stein. The earlier entries are not proven, but they are plausible, because they document a steady rise in the ranks, which fits with the later entries.

To be continued ...
F. has suggested I obtain his "Grundbuchblatt" (Military service record) so that some of the speculation here can be resolved. This might take a while, as I need to found out if the records are in Vienna or in the "present-day" country where he was stationed.
(Memo to self: order Grundbuchblatt from Kriegsarchiv)
With thanks to the members of the family history forum
for all their help in finding information about the Stein Family.
Picture Gallery…

Adolf Stein and grandchild Gunther           Adolf Stein and grandchild Gunther
Adolf Stein with his grandchild, Gunther
1928                               1932 (?)