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Hans Margulies (1889-1960)

The Early Years

Geboren am 27.XI.1889 in Sosnwice, im damaligen Russisch-Polen
als Sohn eines österreichischen Staatsangehörigen.
Born on 27th. November 1889 in Sosnowice, in what was then Russian-Poland,
son of an austrian citizen.
Hans Margulies, CV

Hans has three dates of birth:
He also has three names: sometimes he wrote Hans and sometimes Hanns, and in his marriage certificate he is Johann. An Internet-Search for "Hanns Margulies" finds many entries, but a search for "Hans Margulies" finds much more !

He was born in Sosnowiec, nr. Katowice (Kattowitz), then Russian-Poland. In Katowice he went to school with Arnold Zweig, and later, in Haubinda, his schoolmates included Erich von Mendelssohn and Bruno Frank.

He gained his "matura" (school leaving exam) in Vienna[1] and then
Studierte in Deutschland und Österreich.
studied in Germany and Austria. Hans Margulies, CV

He lived for a while in Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin, in the Scherenbergstrasse 5 - perhaps during his studies ? Looking out of my office window, I can see the shop at Kurfürstendamm 215, which until recently, was the premises of a Gentleman's Outfitters, Edmund Wünsch. This, presumably, is where he bought the blue tie, which I now have, and, which, now and then, I still wear !

A speculative thought:
I have some photos of the three Remenyi sisters, Tilde, Annus and Maria, with the description "Berlin 1916".
1912 Dramaturg der Volksbühne Wien unter Stefan Grossmann und Dr. Arthur Rundt.
Dramatic advisor at the Volksbühne Vienna under Stefan Grossmann und Dr. Arthur Rundt. Hans Margulies, CV

This was from 1912-1914 [1][2]
1914-1918: Kriegsdienstleistung, Oberleutnant eines Infanterieregiments [...]
1914-1918: War services, Lieutenant in an infantery regiment [...] Hans Margulies, CV

He served in the Austrian Army from 1914 to 1918.
However, there is a slight discrepancy (or plain lack of knowledge !) here: According to a letter from the Austrian War Archive Hans was conscripted in 1911 and had to serve 3 years. But maybe I've misunderstood this and he was only conscripted for one year. See next page: The Army Years .

Other sources:

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  2. Heymann, Werner Richard: "Liebling, mein Herz lässt dich grüssen", Henschel 2001.

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