Martha Riding (1895 - 1981)




1895 Blackburn, Lancs.


Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown






George Kennedy






1978 Westhoughten, Lancs.

Martha Riding (1895-1981) BMD-Records show a Martha Riding, born in Blackburn, Lancashire in 1895 (March, Vol. 8e Page 411)

The 1901-Census shows a Martha Riding, aged 7, born in Withnell, registered in Withnell.
The "born in Withnell" probably means that people were fed up with answering census questions and often said, "She/he was born here .."
This tallies with info. from her children that their mother was about a year older than their dad, and lived in Brinscall (Withnell).

Her daughter :
"Martha's mother died when she was born and Martha lived with her aunt and uncle, who were painters and decoraters".

Her son :
"She later lived with Greataunt Lily, till she married George Kennedy. She worked as a Cotton Weaver, starting at age 11 as a half-timer."