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Kennedy Family History

Snippets & Stories

This is a collection of stories (hearsay, "vaguely remembered", unconfirmed oral history)
and some snippets I have found, here and there.

If you're not a Habsburg, then maybe you're a Huguenot ?

On my side the family, we could be illegitimate Habsburgs, or maybe even descended from King David ?
On my wife's side of the family I have just found a possible Huguenot connection:

Just been in contact with a Vacher-Researcher, D., from RootsChat.
I have heard that The Vacher's may be descended from 3 Vacher brothers who fled Switzerland when the non-Catholics were being massacred (are you familiar with the people known as Huguenots that fled to England centuries ago?). One brother settled in the West Country, one near to Southampton, and one settled in London so the story goes. But I feel that the central link in all of this is Dorset

Mind you, I still haven't found the Vachre Connection yet, so this is pure speculation.
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