Frederick Benson (1885 - ????)




1885 Brinscall, Lancashire, England

No middle name is given on the census returns, but there is is a birth entry for a Frederick Morris BENSON, in Brindle/Withnell in 1885, on the Lancashire BMD site.
(see also Spouse, below)


Father: Robert Benson
Mother: Margaret (Benson)

1885 [Self]
1888 Elsie Benson
1890 Percy Benson
1892 Jane Benson
1895 Harry Benson
1897 Fanny Benson




Margaret (?) (Jim remembers an 'Aunt Maggie')

There is a marriage entry for a Frederick Morris BENSON and Margaret Ann DICKSON in the Trinity Methodist Church (Gillibrand Walks) in Chorley, in 1909, on the Lancashire BMD site.







Biographical Notes and Snippets…
Jim remembers:
Uncle Fred used to make clogs. He would draw around your feet and then carve a pair of wooden clogs to fit. These were proper lancashire clogs, with backs aswell.

He had a boot shop, where he sold his clogs, and he also worked in the Post-Office, with Auntie Maggie. Fred later became the Postmaster of Brinscall. He was also active in local politics, as chairman of the District Council.