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The Varney Families

For a long time, the only information we had about the Varney families was that Vera Victoria Varney (1901), married George Champion (1897) in 1921. And that Vera's Father was Henry Edward Varney.

Vera just "missed" the 1901 census, being born a month after the census was taken !

In March 2008 I noticed a topic on the discussion forum about Varneys in London. When I looked at it, it turned out that these Varneys were from St. Pancras (as was Vera) and that one of the children, born 1855, was called Henry E. Varney. Could this be Vera's father ??

I added a query to the topic and it turned out that Henry E. was indeed Henry Edward. Our "Varney contact" verified that the children on the 1901 census were indeed his aunt's and uncles, so we had a match !!

The RootsChat searcher was looking for Edward Varney:

1841 Census: HO 107/1135 Piece 13 Folio 32 Page 11
Leamington Priors, Warwickshire
King Street

Name RelationAge(Born)Born in CountyOccupation
Varney James 50(1791)N Labourer
Varney Susanne 40(1796)N
Varney George 25(1816)N
Varney Ann 20(1821)N
Varney Edward 16(1825)N
Varney William 13(1828)N
Varney Thomas 5(1836)N
Varney Mary 4(1837)N
Varney Elizabeth 3(1838)N
Varney Thomas 1(1840)Y
And there is a marriage record for a James Varney to a Catherine Evetts in 1852.

In 1851 Edward wasn't at home .. he was visiting the Brown family ..
1851 Census: HO 107/1496 Folio 888 Page 16
St Pancras, Middlesex
30 Clarendon Street

Name RelationAge(Born)BirthplaceOccupation
Varney Edward Visitor 25(1825)Baldon, Oxford Railway porter

1861 Census: RG9 113 Folio 18 Page 38
St Pancras, Middlesex
Up Seymour St 113 115

Name RelationAge(Born)BirthplaceOccupation
Varney Edward Head 35(1825)Bourton, Oxfordshire Railway Guard
Varney Catharine Wife 38(1822)Birmingham, St Phillips Guard\'s wife
Varney Louise M Daughter 8(1853)Olney, Oxfordshire Clerk
Varney Henry E Son 6(1855)St Pancras, Middlesex Clerk
Varney Walter J Son 1(1860)St Pancras, Middlesex Scholar

1871 Census: RG10 223 Folio 68 Page 15
St. Pancras, Middlesex
104 Seymour Street

Name RelationAge(Born)BirthplaceOccupation
Varney Edward Head 45(1825)Bourton, Oxfordshire Railway Guard
Varney Catharine Wife 47(1823)Birmingham, St Phillips Guard's wife
Varney Louise M Daughter 18(1853)Olney, Oxfordshire Clerk
Varney Henry E Son 16(1855)St Pancras, Middlesex Clerk
Varney Walter L Son 11(1860)St Pancras, Middlesex Scholar
Varney Kate A Daughter 9(1862)St Pancras, Middlesex Scholar

1881 Census:

10 Clarendon St., London

Name RelationAge(Born)BirthplaceOccupation
Varney Edward Head 55(1825)Bourton, Oxfordshire Railway Guard
Varney Catharine Wife 58(1822)Birmingham, St Phillips
Varney Louise Daughter 28(1853)Oxford Civil Service Clerk
Varney Walter Son 21(1860)London Scholar
Varney Kate Daughter 19(1862)London Scholar

1891 Census: RG12 1040 102 16
Pinner, Middlesex
Rickmansworth Rd.

Name RelationAge(Born)BirthplaceOccupation
Varney Edward Head 65(1825)Bourton, Oxfordshire Retired Railway Servant
Varney Catharine Wife 68(1822)Birmingham, Warwick

When I saw the 1861 census, I started getting interested;
Could this Henry E. Varney be 'our' Henry Edward ??
Here he is in 1881 ....

1881 Census: RG12 1040 102 16
Pinner, Middlesex
Rickmansworth Rd.

Name RelationAge(Born)BirthplaceOccupation
Varney Henry Head 26(1855)St Pancras, Middlesex Civil Service Clerk
Varney Eliza Wife 21(1860)Thorpe, Lincolnshire
Varney Nellie Daughter 8m(1880)Islington, Middlesex

And then someone found a possible marriage: Henry Edward Varney and Eliza Thornally in 1880 ...
So it's looking better and better ...

1891 Census: RG12 134 101 48
St Pancras
17 Quadrant Grove

Name RelationAge(Born)BirthplaceOccupation
Varney Henry Head 36(1855)St Pancras, Middlesex Telegraphist
Varney Eliza Wife 31(1860)Thorpe, Lincolnshire
Varney Nellie L Daughter 10(1881)Islington, London
Varney Constance V (*) Daughter 7(1884)Camden Town
Varney Leonard H Son 4(1887)Tottenham
Varney Kate L Daughter 2(1889)Kentish Town
Varney Clare M Daughter 2m(1881)Kentish Town
Varney Walter J Brother 31(1860)St Pancras, London
Varney Annie L Neice (Visitor)15(1876)St Giles, London
(*) There is a christening on the IGI for a Constance Violet Varney in in St Pancras, 1883

1901 Census: RG13 155 20 32
St Pancras
18 Lismore? Road

Name RelationAge(Born)BirthplaceOccupation
Varney Henry Head 46(1855)St Pancras, Middlesex Telegraphist
Varney Eliza Wife 41(1860)Thorpe, Lincolnshire
Varney Constance V Daughter 17(1884)St Pancras Dressmaker
Varney Leonard H Son 14(1887)St Pancras
Varney Kate L Daughter 12(1889)St Pancras
Varney Else Daughter 10(1891)St Pancras
Varney Alfred Son 7(1894)St Pancras
Varney Winifred Daughter 4(1897)St Pancras
The 1901 census was the clincher ! I sent the details to my Varney relation and he recognised the names (aunts and uncles) and thereby confirmed, that it is indeed his mother's family.
His mother isn't on the census as she was born a few weeks later - Roll On 2011, when the 1911 census becomes available !

He also sent me a family tree of the Verneys from 1216 to the end of the 17th. century, that his mother had found when she was researching the family name, with the comment, that the Verneys changed their name to Varney at some time.

Verney Family Tree 1216-1685
So all (all ??) we need to do now, is to find a connection between our Varneys
and the 17th century Verneys, and we have a family tree going back to 1216

Here are a few other Varney details:

Henry Varney had a brother Walter (b. 1860). In 1891 he was visiting Henry, but in 1901 he was at home:

1901 Census: RG13 1210 9 9
Pinner, Middlesex
Rickmansworth Road

Name RelationAge(Born)BirthplaceOccupation
Varney Walter J Head 31(1870)St Pancras, Middlesex House decorator, Painter
Varney Ellen Wife 24(1877)Moulton St James, Lincs.
Varney Clement Son 3m(1901)Pinner, Middlesex
Varney Catharine Mother 78(1823)Birmingham

Walter is suddenly 10 years younger ??.
And it looks like his mother is living with them. There is a death cert. for an Edward Varney in Hendon in 1899

There is a marriage registered for a Kate Ann Varney in St Pancras in 1885.
This could be Sister Kate A. If so, she married a Willy Bishop.

1891 Census: RG12 143 11 pages 15-16
St Mary, Islington
190 St Tuffnels Park Road

Name RelationAge(Born)BirthplaceOccupation
Bishop Willy Head ( )Paddington Solicitor\'s clerk
Bishop Kate A Wife 29(1862)St Pancras
Bishop Percy B Son 5(1886)St Pancras
Bishop Ethel A Daughter 4(1823)St Pancras

1901 Census: RG13 1208 8 8

7 St Helens Road

Name RelationAge(Born)BirthplaceOccupation
Bishop Willy Head 39(1862)Paddington Solicitor
Bishop Kate A Wife 39(1862)St Pancras
Bishop Percy B Son 15(1886)St Pancras Railway Clerk
Bishop Ethel A Daughter 14(1823)St Pancras
Bishop Ernest F Son 7(1823)St Pancras

A cautionary note:
Much of this is speculative. The data fits well with the known facts (names and places), and the chronological sequences are plausible, but a proper study would mean confirming the data with the appropriate birth and marriage certificates or entries in parish registers.

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