Morser Family History

The Norton Families

This may be the Norton family in 1841:

1841 Census: HO107/1049/2 46 36 & 37
St Mary Magdalen Bermondsey
Bear? Garden

Name RelationAge(Born)Born in CountyOccupation
Pyke Silas 45(1796)N Wood Turner
Norton Henry 30(1811)Y Smith
Norton Catharine 30(1811)N
Norton Harriet 8(1833)Y
Norton Charles 7(1834)Y
Norton Jane 3(1838)Y
Norton Eliza 2m(1841)Y
There is a Morton family in the 1851 Census that looks quite good, especially as Dad is a Smith:

1851 Census: HO 107/1566 Folio 555 Page 47
Lambeth St Mary Newington, Surrey
Little Chatham Pl

Name RelationAge(Born)BirthplaceOccupation
Morton Harry Head 43(1808)Kent, Grudhurst ? Smith
Morton Catherine Wife 42(1809)Kent, Charlton
Morton Charles Son 16(1835)Surrey, Bermondsey
Morton Jane Daughter13(1838)Surrey, Bermondsey
Morton Eliza Daughter10(1841)Surrey, Bermondsey
Morton Samuel Son 8(1843)Surrey, Bermondsey
Morton Thomas Son 5(1846)Surrey, Newington
Morton George Son 1(1850)Surrey, Bermondsey
No sign (so far) of the family in 1861 but by 1871, Henry (now a hawker) and Catherine are called Norton, and they are living at St Mary Newington Walworth London.

By 1871 the son Samuel (1843) has married a Sarah and has started a family.

1871 Census: RG10/673 Folio 23 Page 38
Lambeth, Surrey
37 Gloster St

Name RelationAge(Born)BirthplaceOccupation
Norton Samuel Head 27(1844)Surrey, Bermondsey Wheelwright Smith
Norton Sarah Wife 29(1842)Mddx. Hackney
Norton Samuel J. Son 2(1869)Surrey, Lambeth
Norton Sarah E. Daughter 1(1870)Surrey, Lambeth
This looks like the Norton family in 1881:

1881 Census: RG11 603 Folio 64 Page 21
Lambeth, Surrey
63 Dorset Road

Name RelationAge(Born)BirthplaceOccupation
Norton Samuel Head 38(1843)Bermondsey, Surr Blacksmith
Norton Sarah H. Wife 39(1842)Middlesex
Norton Samuel J. Son 12(1869)Lambeth, Surrey
Norton Sarah E. Daughter 11(1870)Lambeth, Surrey
Norton Henry F. Son 9(1872)Lambeth, Surrey
Norton Florence N. Daughter 7(1874)Lambeth, Surrey
Norton Catharine H. Daughter 5(1876)Lambeth, Surrey
Norton Daniel S. B. Son 3(1878)Lambeth, Surrey
Norton Nathaniel E. Son 2(1879)Lambeth, Surrey
In 1891 Catherine (1809) is in the workhouse.

The Bowler Families

In the marriage indexes at freeBMD there is a marriage entry for Samuel NORTON and Sarah H. BOWLER in Newington in 1866, and a birth record for a "Sarah Hannah Bowler" in 1841 in Bethnal Green.
Bearing in mind that Bethnal Green is "next door" to Hackney, then this could be the Bowler family in 1841:

1851 Census: HO107/693/7 Folio 11 14 & 37
Bethnal Green, Mddx
5 Hackney Rd Providence Place

Name RelationAge(Born)BirthplaceOccupation
Bowler Joseph 22(1819)N Tinplate worker
Bowler Sarah 18(1823)Y Smith
Bowler Sarah Ann 4d(1841)Y
? Ann 8(1825)Y F S (F.Serv ?)
... and in 1851:

1851 Census: HO107/1524 Folio 505 Page 3
St Botolph Bishopsgate
3 Millers Place

Name RelationAge(Born)BirthplaceOccupation
Bowler Joseph Head 33(1818)Greenwich Tin Toy Maker
Bowler Sarah Wife 28(1823)Middlesex
Bowler Sarah Daughter 9(1841)Shoreditch
Bowler Martha Daughter 8(1843)Shoreditch
Bowler Mary Daughter 6(1845)Shoreditch
Bowler Elizabeth Daughter 4(1847)Shoreditch
Bowler Joseph Son 1(1850)Hackney
Anderson Ann G'mother,Wid 95(1756)Bishopsgate
Graves James Brother,Unm 23(1828)Shoreditch Labourer
In the marriage indexes there is a marriage entry for Joseph BOWLER in East London, in 1840. And there is a Sarah GRAVES and a Sarah WILFOR getting married on "the same page" (four entries per page), so with a brother James GRAVES - in the 1851 census - it looks like Sarah was born a Graves !

We've still got Grandmother Ann there, in 1851, "hanging loose" - does she belong to Joseph or Sarah ?
A cautionary note:
Much of this is speculative. The data fits well with the known facts (names and places), and the chronological sequences are plausible, but a proper study would mean confirming the data with the appropriate birth and marriage certificates or entries in parish registers.
An interesting snippet:

Have you noticed the H. as second name, for some of the Nortons ?
According to her birth record at freeBMD , Sarah H. Norton was born as "Sarah Hannah Bowler" and, interestingly, there is also a birth record at freeBMD for Catherine Hannah Norton, in 1875 in Lambeth

Coincidently (the parents knew nothing about these ancestors, at the time) Hannah and Sarah have been passed on to living descendants of this family.