Morser Family History

The Champion Families

The following data has been compiled from information given to me by my Aunt, my Uncle, and his cousin (a Champion). Using their data, the 1901 and 1881 censuses, data from freeBMD and data from look-ups from T., a RootsChat member, I have put together the following details.
Please remember, that the earlier data, although it seems a "good fit", has not been verified, and must remain speculative.

We start off with the 1841 census:

As relationships are not given, I'm guessing that John C. is the father of William C. who married Elizabeth.

1841 Census: HO107/1184/15 27 2
Ramsbury, Wiltshire
Oxford Street

Name RelationAge(Born)Born in CountyOccupation
John Champion 75(1766)Y Gardener
William Champion 30(1811)Y Gardener
Elizabeth Champion 30(1811)Y
Mary Champion 13(1828)Y
John Champion 11(1830)Y
Jane Champion 9(1832)Y
William Champion 6(1835)Y
Elizabeth Champion 3(1838)Y

In the 1851 census:

1851 Census: HO107/1686 474 8
Ramsbury, Wiltshire
Blind Lane

Name RelationAge(Born)BirthplaceOccupation
William Champion Head 46(1805)Ramsbury, Wilts. Gardener
Elizabeth Champion Wife 47(1804)Leeds, Yorks.
Mary Champion Daughter 22(1829)Ramsbury, Wilts. Ag. Labr.
John Champion Son 21(1830)Ramsbury, Wilts. Tanner
Jane Champion Daughter 18(1833)Ramsbury, Wilts. Willow Platter
William Champion Son 14(1837)Ramsbury, Wilts. Ag. Labr.
Elizabeth Champion Daughter 11(1840)Ramsbury, Wilts. Scholar
Thomas H. Champion Son 9(1842)Ramsbury, Wilts. Scholar
Thomas H. Champion Son 9(1842)Ramsbury, Wilts. Scholar

In the 1861 census, the son, William, has given up farm work and is now a domestic servant.
His wife, Ann (Fisher ?), is deaf.

1871 Census: RG9/778 37 33
Ealing, Middlesex
Elm Grove Lodge

Name RelationAge(Born)BirthplaceOccupation
William Champion Head 26(1836)Ramsbury, Wilts. Butler; Domestic servant
Ann Champion Wife 30(1831)Rockley, Wilts. Formerly Cook

In the 1871 census William, is now a brewer's drayman and has a family:

1871 Census: RG10/678 4 7
Lambeth, Surrey
22 Chapel Street

Name RelationAge(Born)BirthplaceOccupation
William Champion Head 37(1834)Ramsbury, Wilts. Brewer's drayman
Ann Champion Wife 40(1831)Ogbourn, Wilts.
Chas. H. Champion Son 4 (1867)Lambeth, Surrey Scholar
George A. Champion Son 2 (1869)Lambeth, Surrey Scholar

By 1881, William has died, and Ann is working as a laundress, to support herself and the children. The boarder is also a help for the family finances.

1881 Census: RG10/678 4 7
Lambeth, Surrey
22 Chapel Street

Name RelationAge(Born)BirthplaceOccupation
Ann Champion Head, W 51(1830)Marlborough, Wilts. Laundress
Chas. HenryChampion Son 14(1867)Lambeth, Surrey Grocers assistent
Geo. ArthurChampion Son 12(1869)Lambeth, Surrey Scholar
Maria Green Visitor 39(1842)Middlesex Servant
Sidney Wren Boarder 9(1872)Marylebone, Middlesex Scholar

George Champion (1869) married Sarah Norton

And this looks like George and Sarah in the 1901 Census:

1901 Census: RG13 0467 / 48 / 30
Clapham, Wandsworth, London

Name RelationAge(Born)BirthplaceOccupation
George Champion Head 32(1869)London, Lambeth Stationer & Surveyor
Sarah Champion Wife 30(1871)London, Lambeth
Mariel Champion Daughter 4(1897)London, Clapham
George Champion Son 2(1899)London, Clapham
Alice N. Banyon Servant 15(1886)London, Battersea

Their daughter, Muriel, (Mariel !) Champion married Harry Morser;

and the son, George Champion married Vera Victoria Varney (b. 1901).

Unfortunately, Vera was born shortly after the 1901 Census, so we although we know her father's name, Henry Varney, we don't know enough to find her family on the 1901 census.

Updated: 05.04.2008: We now have some more information about the Varney Family

The Fisher Families

There is a marriage entry at freeBMD for Ann Fisher and William Champion in 1860. No certificates (i.e. no proof !) but this looks like Ann Fisher and her family in 1841 and 1851:
1841 Census: HO107/1185/7 18 4
St Andrew Ogbourne

Name RelationAge(Born)Born in CountyOccupation
Catherine Fisher 70(1771)Y
George Fisher 40(1801)Y Ag. lab.
Harriet Fisher 30(1811)Y
Ann Fisher 10(1831)Y
Thomas Fisher 8(1833)Y
George Fisher 6(1835)Y
Frederick Fisher 3(1838)Y

10 years later, Ann is working in the kitchens at Marlborough College.

1851 Census: HO107/1838 244 5
Marlborough St Peter and St Paul, Wiltshire

Name RelationAge(Born)BirthplaceOccupation
Ann Fisher Serv., Unm. 21(1830)Rockley, Wilts. Kitchen Maid