Florence Moore (1881-1925)




1883 ? : In 1914 her age is given as 31 (marriage cert.)
1882 ? : In 1925 her age is given as 43 (death cert.)
We don't know how accurate the given ages were,
so we can only say she was born sometime between 1881 and 1884.







Marriage Certificate

John Henry Coleman (26, Widower) and Florence Moore (31, Spinster) were married on 14th. February 1914 in Southwark, London.
Witnesses were Henry Masters and Rose Coleman.





Death Certificate
30th. May 1925 at 105 Oakley Street, Lambeth, London.

Florence Moore has long been an enigma to us. She came from an orthodox jewish family, and when she married John Henry Coleman, her family disowned her as she had married outside the faith.

This, and the date of her death, was all that I knew about her.
Then I managed to find her Marriage Certificate, so I now know the name of her father...
"John Henry Moore (deceased), Farmer"

Farmer ?? A jewish family that was so orthodox, that they said Kaddish - the Prayer of the Dead - for her, when she married outside the faith, and he was a farmer ??

Somehow I can't get my brain around jewish orthodox and farmer. Maybe this is stereotyped thinking, but I grew up hearing about London jews (East End and Hampstead variety) and reading american novels of New York jewish life in the 1930s, 40s and 50s (Herman Wouk, Jerome Weidman, Chaim Potok).
These give lots of background into some jewish life styles, but farmers never came into it !

And "John Henry" is also suspicious somehow. Apart from the standard "it doesn't sound jewish" response, it also seems funny that Florence's father had had the same name as her husband. I am wondering whether being "cast out" of her family coloured her thinking and feeling here, and she didn't want to put her father's real name on the certificate.

The Moore family had a tobacconists shop/kiosk in Victoria Station. My Dad remembers going for a walk with his Aunt Dora and seeing his mother walking over Westminster Bridge in tears one day (1923 ?). He believes she had just been to the station to meet one of her family there.

The Colemans had a cafe in Lambeth Walk, called 'The Florence' after Florence Moore. Later they moved to a shop in Oakley Street.

Florence suffered from tuberculosis. My Dad remembers going to the ice factory for buckets of ice, to help against this.

She died relatively young, 46 years old, in 1926.

Time line
Date Given
Event Source material(s)
1881-83(?)Born in ? [source(s) ?]
05.04.1891 [UK census entry ?][source(s) ?]
31.03.1901 [UK census entry ?][source(s) ?]
02.04.1911 [UK census entry ?][source(s) ?]
14.02.191431Married John Henry ColemanMarriage certificate
30.05.192543Death in Lambeth, LondonDeath certificate