The Margulies Chronicles

A Family Chronicle about Hans Margulies

and his Ancestors, his Descendents,
and their Related Families

Hans Margulies

It all began with ... a briefcase !

The Briefcase !

When my grandmother(1), Minna Malecek-Margulies, died she left me a briefcase that had belonged to my grandfather, Hans Margulies (also known as Hanns Margulies, and even as Johann Margulies). The briefcase was full of documents, newspaper cuttings and photographs about my grandfather and his family.

And among these papers I found ... a Family Tree !

The 'Original' Margulies Tree

This web-site started out as an attempt to write a hypertext chronicle
about my grandfather's life, using these materials.

It rapidly became a mixture of biography, photo-album and scrapbook, including as it does(2), reminiscences, anecdotes, photos, charts, certificates, maps, relevant Internet links(3), census information, etc.

I then decided to expand this chronicle to include his ancestors, and the ancestors and
descendants of his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.


Ancestor Generations - including related Families




Margulies - Remenyi




Descendant Generations and related Families (4)


This was growing and growing, and I thought, it is never going to get finished !
So I have changed my goals and decided to make an on-going project of it all.

This chronicle will now be "published as is", i.e. unfinished.
New editions and updates will appear whenever I have enough new data to warrant it.

This is the private, off-line edition of my website "The Margulies Chronicles".
The on-line edition can be found at my website:

Only information about the root and ancestor generations has been published there.
No information about the descendant generations has been published on the website.

Please do not publish any such information from this - private edition - anywhere on the web.

If YOU have any photos, anecdotes or family stories you would like to see here…

… then please get in touch !

  1. Strictly speaking (i.e. genealogically) she is my step-grandmother, but she is the only grandmother I knew,
    so for me she will always be my grandmother !

  2. ... or will do (this is an on-going projekt !)

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  4. Out of respect for privacy, this website will contain no details of living people
    but will only include data from the root generation and the ancestor generations.
    Information about the descendant generations is published on a CD which is only available to family members.
    See Standards for Sharing Information with Others .

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